Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shit, Here We Go Again...

Sorry to bore everyone to bits, but....

The Sacramento Bee and the Soup Nazi are still reporting that there is "NO budget for you" (as of tonight) yet.
Per the -
"Democratic leaders left Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's office Saturday without a deal to close the state's $24.3 billion budget gap, increasing the likelihood the cash-strapped state will begin issuing IOUs next week." booga booga... IOU's

Freddy Kruger Steinberg and his Mini-Me, Karen "Buzz cut" Bass are still trying to: push for those $11 billion cuts, the same, invisable cuts that no one knows what the hell are; plus $2 billion in higher taxes on oil drilling and tobacco; something about filling the hole with $5 billion in fees and accelerated revenue(Does anyone not know this is Sacramento for "Taxes" ?);through earlier collection of personal and corporate income taxes; and $5 billion in other solutions.(Shit,thats scary,WTF does "other solutions" mean?)- all of which were DE-NIED by Arnold "Brautwurst" Schwarzenegger.

Dang-what part of NO more taxes, doesn't Steinberg and his group of hired assassins, understand? they really think we, regular type folk, wake up thinking, "mmm...donuts" and walk into people all day long, teeth bucked out like a horse,chanting "I LIKE CAKE"

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