Friday, June 19, 2009

Prior Buzzcut Bass Post Accidentally Lost

In all fairness, Karen Bass doesn't feel you, the voter, know what the hell you are doing.

Here are some partial quotes:
"Voters were very confused on what we were asking them to do"

"Voters were saying:

"It was quite complex"

"This is too complicated"

"We don't want to vote on it"

"We are fatigued with the number of elections we have had, especially Special Elections"

"We realize that there are going to be cuts but whatever needs to be done, you do it, and we don not want to participate in it."

In honor of her condescending tone to the you, the voter, here is a small collection of some comments made to her by commentators at Free Republic:


From bad to worse. California remains bass-ackwards in its direction.

NormsRevenge: I think Californians need to make sacrifices. Specificially, we need to set up an altar in Capitol Park and sacrifice our state lege one at a time until the budgets improve.

RichInOC: To a certain extent she is right. We all voted to hand the problem back to our elected representatives. It has really been up to them to raise taxes or cut spending. They now have to S=== or get off the pot. They will have to cut spending in a big way. They simply cannot cover the problem by further tax increases. End of story.

Oldexpat: Actually... I was quite surprised... pleasantly surprised to see the intelligence of the Californian voters when they overwhelmingly rejected all those propositions...

John123: To a certain extent she is right.

Maybe partially, but in the beginning of the video, she very clearly thinks that if she just could have explained it personally to everybody that it was necessary ya-da-ya-da-ya-da ... National recession.... not enough time to reach out....

She clearly thinks people didn't understand what they were voting to do. I contend they did.

calcowgirl: Apparently "Assembly Access" doesn't want to allow for any access to the viewers. Maybe they're afraid of comments regarding the stupidity of speaker Bass.

Sgt_Schultze: No confusion, just anger at our idiotic state government.

Inyo-Mono: Karen you are the one that is confused. You have no idea about budgets. You do know how to spend though.

Parley Baer: Typical elitist arrogance. The political elites know what’s good for you. You’re too stupid. In the case of Democrats,unfortunately it’s true. They are too stupid, thinking that taxing and demonizing productive people and rewarding degenerate behavior and laziness is good for society.

gorilla_warrior: The issues were so uncomplicated I spent a total of maybe 15 seconds to anaylize and make the decision to vote no on all of them!

I still think that F was a scam because they can raise their per diem, car allowance travel expense office expenses and actually give themselves a pay raise while crying about being imposed upon.

1A is too confusing. I'll vote no.
1B is way too confusing. I'll vote no.
I'm too tired to figure out 1C and 1D too. I'll just vote no.
Do they ever stop? 1E? No, no, no. I don't care what it says.
1F? Good think I just had a triple espresso to perk me up to read it and vote yes.

The voters in California knew exactly what they were doing. Ahhhhnold and gang told them the world would end if they didn't vote for 1A-1E and the voters didn't believe them.

KarlInOhio:’s funny how the elite think that the voters are wrong when they vote against their ideals...hehe... Seems that the voters are way smarter that these idiots understand... Yep, us dumb voters will outfox you every time...heh...

Deagle: Hey Bass - You go girl. Y’all just keep pretending and deluding yersef.

Enterprise: Actually... I was quite surprised... pleasantly surprised to see the intelligence of the Californian voters when they overwhelmingly rejected all those propositions...

Actually, only 23 percent of Californians who were registered voted-- the real taxpayers. We're sick of being held up every time one of those so called legislators has a pet project.

notaliberal: The best quote of all was “When I walked into the room, the people would understand [what we are up to].” Sounds like another Messiah complex to me.

ProtectOurFreedom: No means no!!

Now, stop fondling my wallet.

dead: A pretty well done video by Reason.TV
Featuring Arnold, the Terminator, Tom McClintock...

Hasta La Vista, Arnold!: What California’s Budget Mess Means for America

I heard on radio that she and Arnold were down in LA talking to the folks in the black churches, encouraging them to vote yes. How’d that work out for ya Karen and Arnold??????

notaliberal: Yes, it’s amazing what happens in elections when ACORN isn’t involved, isn’t it?

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