Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Stooges That Represent Us

Buzzard Bass and her "suggestion" of an increased car tax? Does that mean that, along with us paying for the cars of those Nazi-aticians, we also get to pay for their car registrations, including the new higher taxed ones?

no wonder she doesnt mind adding that tax to the budget proposal... and is praying to budda or her sheet cake, that it passes.

And, did you catch Arnold's public faked outrage of any new taxes that are suggested in the budget.
The Arnold said, and on the news, so everyone could hear, that he told Karen Bass in february that he would let new taxes fly this time, but would not approve any new taxes after that.
Today, Hemaphadrite Karen said, "No, he di-ent say that in february" (the lying brautwurst)

If he truly felt that way in February, why was he was asked in April, to comment about the taxpayers protesting against more taxes, and told the media that "we all just need to stop whining"

Arnold, just save it-no one believes you.
You are a liar and a disgrace as a governor-and will always be thought of that way. from body builder, to actor, to greasy, lying political hack.

Is it a wonder we have fucked up "leaders" representing us in government, leading us would be that great all time role model, Obama, with national news of killing a fly in his office and then acting like he just tracked down Osama bin Laden
Not off the hook are the dumbass editors of the media that allowed this story to go thru, as if to say, American's are stupid morons who only care about the president of the united states killing a bug or doing the sham wow informercial.

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