Friday, June 19, 2009

“living within our means, means nothing!”

With all due respect, Noreen Evans is a completely flaming pile of racoon feces spewing viper fluid and trying to make points that mean absolutely nothing. We here at Numero Uno Comedy don't claim to do much better... but....

As Evans puts it, "living within our means, means nothing," is just the type of blah blah blah we've come to have to learn to fight against.

Her blog is equally steaming and full of her blah blah blah... read here and send her a piece of your mind. It's HER quote and she's out of her mind if she thinks it is our destiny to continue this way in California and accept more taxes when we know the state already has plenty of money without our hard-earned dollars.

Contact Assembly Member Noreen Evans:

(916) 319-2007 and (707) 546-4500

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