Friday, June 19, 2009

And Futhermore..(beating a dead donkey)

Regarding Noreen Evans, (D-bag Santa Rosa)

As stated in the blog article below, this is the arrogant, clueless, airhead who is heard saying "Living within our means, though sounding good, is meaningless" she gives a mountain of political-ese excuses behind these words, to try to explain this, none of which explains anything and is nothing but political horsecrap double talk.
She also states that "we (Californians)are morally responsible to every poor person that lives here." Oh yes, she did.
I dont know about anyone else, but I am soooo offended by her trying to cram her views down my throat by guilting me into giving up tax money to pay for all the welfare-recepiants,illegal ailens and prisoners (etc.)

Well, I did read and comment on her (shows me 1st amendment works for her too)

Here are a few comments from her "fans":

"Keep your greasy hands off my money you fucking cunt!" (my personal favorite)

"you dont understand what "living within your means" actually means.
I guess this would be because, my fine snotty hack, you never had to do it as a young person and especially now, you being a Nazi Politician-
so let me explain what is meant by "living within your means" and your friends in Sacramental do not use taxpayer money to

-buy freakin 50 thousand $ cars,the gas,the registration,the repairs, the maintenance-buy your own cars

-You dont fly to paris every other month-"on business" or to Madagasgar to get that vanilla bean you have been wanting to add to your gourmet coffee

-You dont re-decorate your offices every 6 months with $1500 umbrella stands, etc.

-You dont eat at expensive restaurants 5 or 6x a day with a group of your croonies that you pay for

No. I dont feel obligated to pay for every poor person on the streets of LA
unless, of course, I can write them in as dependants on my california taxes

Where is your so called compassion and tax money for the middleclass taxpayer who has lost their jobs, their homes are in foreclosure and has to "live within their means" because they have no money

do you get what "live within your means" is all about yet? no? it still has no meaning for you? pull the silver spoon out of your butt when you have time. If you want to support everyone, then you do it. Open up a charity-"THE NOREEN EVANS" FUND FOR CALIFORNIA
its tax deductible"

"Lets see.....don't live among my means.....I have 5 dollars and want to buy a pair of sunglasses for problem...let me take from someone who has the extra Now I'm happy because I got what I wanted. Hurray for the rich.
Living within your means is possible. You are not in touch with the voters in California. We understand everything that is going on and we are sick of having our money being robbed from us with taxes. We do not want to support the corrupt unions, illegal aliens or anything else. California has the highest taxes in the nation. Are you drinking too much wine up there in wine country? Get in touch with the people Evans!"

"Noreen Evans is the stereotypical "happy, rich white chick" who wants to "save the world" by SPENDING OUR MONEY."

"You don't know what "living within your means" entails? How about you try to fulfill your duties as an assemblywoman without a dime of taxpayer money, and then see if you can wrap your brain around the idea? It's easy to live outside your means when the means are provided by taxpayers.
How's the view up there on top of the stick?"

"It's not us taxpayers' responsibility to keep you and the illegal aliens in power suits and Pampers, respectively. In five years, reverse that. In the meantime, quit posing for those stupid official portraits w/ your signature "deer-in-the-headlights" panicky glare. Your time would be much better spent packing your designer bags and writing your letter of resignation before we show up at your door with our torches and pitchforks. Then kiss your pathetic political career BUH-BYE, BITCH-FACE!!!"

"Have you lost your mind!! Your means is my wallet!!! BACK OFF LADY!!! Get your mitts out of my paycheck. Take some money from your Union Thugs - they have gold plated retirements and I am sure they gave you plenty of money to get elected. If you really want to raise taxes...raise your own, just on you greedy government employees. RECALL, REVOLT, REPEAL!!!!"

"You Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your attitude will have every able bodied worker and profitable company leaving the state and California will be left with only overpaid public employees and welfare recipients"


Enjoy what's left of your last term in the legislature. You've obviously lost touch with the people of California, your employers, you know the people that pay the taxes that pay your salary.

Goodbye and good riddance.

A California Taxpayer"

My work is done. Good comments to add to the cover of her first book.

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