Thursday, June 25, 2009

Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

I forced myself to watch 40 minutes of Darrell Steinberg's press conferences on a proposed budget revision, today.
Listening to that boring honkey with the personality of a houseplant and that raging, holier than thou attitude of his, just made me want stab my eye with a fork. OMG, I don't know how anyone can take him for longer than 3 minutes.

Anyway his jest was that they (the dems) will NOT eliminate (according to Snoop Darrell, there is a difference in cuts vs elimination) what he calls "the safety net of California" - DMV, Healthcare for children, prisons, schools, inhome care for elderly, which was proposed by Schwarzenegger, but, "Fer sure" they will have a budget REVISION passed by July 1st.

Stinkbug went on to mention (In an arrogant and sarcastic way too, I might add)
The Repubs/Governor dont have any suggestions or other options to top their(the Dems) great plan of a tobacco/oil tax and street/road "fees" (sacramento speak for TAXES), "and, well dang, repubs have even rejected their cut suggestions."

I researched it-No One knows what these "cuts" that were supposedly suggested by Darrell and his show ponies and rejected by Schwarzenegger and his band of idiots, are. No One in Sacramento, No one in Riverside, No one in LA. No one. no one knows. not even the Bush Baked Beans dog. what cuts?

Darrell "Krusty Clown" Steinberg went on to say that the governor has not submitted a plan.

Excuse me-here it is-I found it -in the San Francisco news,, a plan submitted June 18th by Schwarzenegger that you rejected:

"the governor's plan included $15 billion in cuts to state spending. He also proposed billions in fees and one-time solutions, including a $48 surcharge on all residential and commercial property insurance. In addition, the governor wanted to borrow nearly $2 billion from local municipalities, which the Democrats rejected."

And poor DM Darrell was whining about how he was using toothpicks on his eyelids to keep his eyes open and that he and the others would be in session to pass a revision every day.

One question: if you knew this would take a while, why the hell did you wait until the 7th hour to convene? jackass.
Good try for the sympathy vote

Do you hear my gavel banging the desk as I declare-none given?
get to work and no taxes. genius

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