Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tony's Media Sock Slap

Tepid. Sinking. Souring. Plummeting.

Whatever way you turn the knob, L.A. Mayor Tony Villaraigosa's job approval ratings have been sinking deeper and deeper. Possibly, the fall began the day this examiner viewed Villar inside a school bus for an important photo-op refusing to even show his face around rabid inner-city children who just wanted to meet him. He refused. As we the teachers viewed the children returning to class, disappointed, we knew what had just happened. Another day, another lesson. He's a busy man.

But now, he's pissed off the president by taking stimulus money and claiming to have magically snuffed out the budget problem (uhm, read some Zuma Dog). That money was supposed to be used for job creation, and instead, it was used as a cork.

Then there is the news now he wants to be the governor.

His approach has been lackluster at best, and he is a true politician - his brilliant plan to auction off city parking lots and meters means one thing for L.A. drivers. More money in the form of harsh, strict parking measures that will stretch far beyond the short-term benefit of the state. A $530-million budget gap is nothing to laugh at, so measures like these are do-or-die scenarios this mental midget has not been able to muster. But Hispanic and black voters still like him. He is far from being a total loss, as he has made positive impacts, but remember, that deficit didn't just happen. Poor management and, dare it be said, honorary badge of empty-suit may be in the wings...

Anybody jonesing for former-mayor turned restaurateur Richar Riordan? His track record was old-school good. You rarely heard any "mayor-related" stories unless it was positive, you rarely heard about 100s of millions of debt suffered in our city. But those were the days of real politicians, and now California is stuck with two actors in major lead roles of mayor and governor. Having stood next to Villar on two occasions, this examiner can boldly state his makeup stood taller than anything positive he's done for the city crime rates are down, good job Tony. To keep that his legacy, he wants to triple the trash fees to bolster the over-staffed police force. Raising taxes to improve libraries is stupid. Libraries, while important and essential don't require more tax-payer money than they already receive.

Oh Tony, face it, you are just trying to fuck the hottest women (in their 40s) and support your inner-circle of cronies more than you are trying to get our city operating like the way ol' Riordan used to do. You just can't stand not being the talk of the town and for that, you are just a clown or jester.


Anonymous said...

You think he wears a tin foil hat too? He sounds pretty mentally ill. Those severely menatally disabled people who run for office speak a good speak, dont they? then once they're in, its "lets pass a new law that people cant shop on tuesdays, that will save so much traffic on the street and gas"

Anonymous said...

You mean like the tax proposition on cars to save our parks? These jackholes must never sleep to come up with this crap....