Thursday, June 18, 2009


Darrell Steinberg (AKA Darrell Stinkbug-pictured on the left ), of the democratic persuation and the pro Tem of the California State Senate-I didnt know this but, thats the second-highest-ranking official of the US Senate and the highest-ranking senator.
Anyway, he told the media that money to save California has to come from somewhere, and he is unwilling to cut programs.. his bright idea? glad you asked... he is suggesting, rescinding a handful of corporate tax cuts approved over the last two years, or increasing the tobacco tax as “a rainy-day builder.” (how about cutting yours and your staffs salaries? that would definitely aid in closing the deficit)

A little about this diabetic ulcer:

Steinberg was born in San Francisco on October 15, 1959. He earned a BA in economics from UCLA and a JD from UC Davis Law School. He served as an employee rights attorney for the California State Employees Association for 10 years before his work as an Administrative Law Judge and mediator. Steinberg served on the Sacramento City Council from 1992 to 1998.
Steinberg and his wife Julie have two children - a daughter, Jordana, and a son, Ari.

More taxes means more revenue for the craft stores to provide me everything I need to make tax protest signs-and also, more revenue for the makers of enema bags-I will be buying one for Darrell to send to his office-more revenue for the post office.

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