Monday, June 22, 2009

The Baffoons of Sacramento

Republican California Governor Schwarzenegger selling off state landmarks
another of many of his stupid ideas – do the repubs, more, does anyone in office, know what “of the people, by the people and for the people” even means? A state government is not a business just because we are donating the money, power and resources to get the job done

Stupid trolls. Its like the 3rd Reich here in California
as we circle the drain.
Both Democrats and Republicans don't seem to get that.
I don't realistically know what the correct balance between taxes and spending cuts may be; however simply holding onto an ideal for the sake of an ideal is ridiculous. That is the exact reason we are in this predicament! BOTH Democrats and Republicans have spent so many years and tax money being true to their ideals that they have forgotten to be true to the taxpayers. So many taxpayers are paying the price. Homes and businesses fail daily, the rest of us are feeling the pinch, while politicians worry about making someone in their "club" angry. I frankly don't give a rats ass about ANY political party and their stuffy, outdated ideals.
How about, making some decisions based on that reality?
Haven't they noticed the world has changed in the last 100 years?
The Democrats need to realize that they can't just keep taxing us. We don't have anything left to give and are already reverting to self preservation. Sorry, we can't go out and spend to stimulate the economy. We are down to keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table.
The Republicans need to actually sit down and tell us where, and how cuts could best me made, if they are so enlightened. Are our leaders so stupid that they actually think the federal government can help us?
And everyone needs to STOP spending taxpayer money on foolishness like cars-and everything involved with car ownership-ie registration, gas, maintenance or trips to Paris every 6 months
As of now, they are using monopoly money to pay for stuff.

Mike Villines- helped negotiate the deal that included taxes

Anthony Adams-helped negotiate the deal that included taxes and is a worthless/arrogant waste -period. up for recall

All the so called "outspoken" republicans- fuckin wimps, they just hang out quietly and write some passive shit against taxes and other politicians in blogs that no one reads, then take their baseball bat, go home to their non foreclosed homes and,so as not to make waves with their friends or risk loss of their high salaried job or possible seat in next years' election, privately make phone calls to these friends to say they are in support of them but have to make it seem like they aren't, really,as far as they are concerned, everyone else that they are "representing in government" can fuck themselves. (wont mention names-Chuck Devore)

Abel Moldonado-cast the deciding vote in february and passed the biggest single state tax increase in our nation’s history, and now finds himself the New Media Darling here in the Land of Fruits and Nuts.

Dave Cogdill-Senate Republican Leader okayed the deal that included taxes in february

and of course, the Godfather, Arnold Schwarzenegger-dont need to say much more about this lying, Laderhosen wearing, wannabee -Im guessing his favorite holiday is Octoberfest.


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