Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Douchbaggery at Work in Sacramento

Another dumb-ass on my political radar is that hermaphrodite,hag,
"Speaker of the House"-Karen Bass
(The presiding officer of the US House of Representatives. The Speaker, a member of the House, is elected by a majority party caucus. In addition to being chief spokes-hole for the majority party-(democrat in this case), the Speaker runs the proceedings of House debate and voting, appoints committee members, refers bills to committees for research and development, and has an influential voice in all stages of a bill's consideration. One of the most visible and influential officials of the federal government, the Speaker is second in line, after the vice president, in succession to the presidency.)

OMG, I cant stand this slag known as "Buzz Cut" Bass thanks to her haircut

She is proposing an additional car tax from each person "if we want to keep public parks open." (threat)
WTF? You stupid beo-tchhh-we already pay for these parks and we are already taxed up the colon. Get in touch with Earthlings.

geh ahead. bring it wart-belly. I would love to protest right on your office lawn.

Why dont you propose that teachers and other state workers put a little money into their health insurance, like most of us do, and decrease their pensions?
Why don't you "propose" that some state workers get laid off, or maybe just get laid?
Why don't you and your "buddies" give up your tax payed $50 thousand dollar cars and the gas that goes with it? get your own damn car.

How come you want that we should pay an extra car tax yet you thugs should be allowed to own cars on the taxpayer dime and that means we also pay for all your gas, maintenance and probably the car washes too.
I even heard that taxpayers are paying when your relatives drive the car and smash it.

Oh BTW, state legislature says no to a state worker pay cut-city says yes to a lakers parade

Stick it in your whale hole, Karen Bass. and remember,you were voted in to serve us - dont fuck us over.

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Anonymous said...

yeah-what a stinky ho