Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Change of Sachole Guards

Minority GOP Caucus Leader, Bob Huff of Diamond Bar is all set to replace the current office that is held by Bob Dutton of Rancho Cucamonga of GOP Senate Republican Leader,
Dutton announced Friday, December 23rd, that he was stepping down in January.

Huff still needs the minority caucus to vote (which he is the head of) but claims the office is as good as his (kinda of saw visions of flys rubbing their feet together)- way to be cocky, deceitful, knuckle dragging hack.

Bob Huff is one of the bucked tooth horses that voted with other Clydesdales under the Schwarzenegger regime to increase taxes in February of 2009, thinking this would stop Pterodactyls from swooping out of the sky and killing Californians.

Remember the John and Ken revolt in Corona in May of that year?
Huff was on the list to be recalled at that time -papers were served to him however, there weren't enough signatures on the petition to qualify this attempt to recall, so he stayed in office.

Huff is trying to redeem himself in 2011 by yelling "transparency in Government is needed"
(but I guess he didn't feel that way in 2009 when that eggplant secretly voted for tax increases)
He is now recently quoted regarding the upcoming budget, "There's always a role, even if we're outside the door banging on it. We're willing to work with him (Brown) if he's willing to."
And is the proud papa of senate bill 719 which will require State departments to show what was paid to them in database form for all to see.

Jerry Brown-holian and his gang of mental patients have shown little desire to reopen budget talks with republicans as under a new law Democrats can pass the budget on their own.

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