Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Who's Surprised That L.A Mayor Dingbat and Chief Ignoramous, Are At It Again?

Regarding a new policy to go into effect, perhaps at the beginning of the year -At this time, unlicensed Drivers, if stopped have to deal with the fact that it is authorized that the car can be impounded for 30 days.

But now, the vice president of Mexico, Villar (AKA Mayor of LA and ex union leader) and his Compadre, the human suppository -
Charlie Beck, secretary of state for Mexico (AKA-LAPD chief), under pressure from a favorite charity of theirs, "Advocates for Immigrant rights",

have devised some new policy which was created by these two fucksocks that will allow illegal aliens without licenses to call someone in the event they are stopped by police who has a license to drive their car home so it doesn't get towed, this way they won't have to pay thousands of dinaro to get it out of impound and they will be free once again to drive the streets without a license to a job they are working at illegally-
however, if someone with a license (like you or me) who has, say, gotten a few tickets but the license is suspended due to non payment of these, and is pulled over, well, that person is, oh, fucked.. the car will get towed.

Why bother getting a driver license? you dont need one if you are illegal-
In fact, why bother being legal?

who needs all that testing and paying of fees-
This is how we punish law breaking illegal aliens
You get in state tuition rates
You get your college paid for with American tax dollars
You get to drive the streets of LA without a driver license, unfortunately this policy change is completely dangerous and life threatening

what's next from these two buttlicking pukesticks? no more DUI
punishment for Illegals?

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