Monday, December 12, 2011

Mo Money!

The head buffoon of California-Gov. Prune E. Brown wants to raise taxes another 7 billion-but its ok, its only on the rich, (except for that 1/2 cent sales tax -thats for everyone) well why don't they just raise the cost of a happy meal for Bill Gates and Brad Pitt?

Now, I'm not a rich advocate, but, I am for equality and fairness for all humanoids- seems to me that the rich who have accumulated wealth with an idea or talent had to start somewhere and I'll bet some had to sacrifice at one time or another before hitting it big-working alot of hours, putting things off, get proper paperwork and permits, even startup funds had to be obtained... Im thinking that personal computers would still be 10 grand like they were in the 80's, if new technology and new ideas weren't put into action by what are now, wealthy folk- Ipads are getting cheaper, so are flat screen TV's. I think everyone is benefiting greatly all around.

Call me nuts, BUT, and I'm quite sure Jeritol Brown and his TEAM of clusterfucks and trannys wont agree with this...
isnt LOWERING taxes the way to get more, as they call, REVENUES?

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