Monday, March 22, 2010


I wanted to post about a new republican candidate for Governor that I have been following for a month or so and attended a meet/greet tonight at the Aliso Country Club.

Mr. Larry Naritelli running for Governor.

He started attending Tea parties with his 13 year old son last year, then decided to run because he didnt see anybody who was really fighting for the people-just a bunch of hacky republicans who didnt stand firm on conservative issues, like fighting for freedoms/rights.

He stopped by my table before he made his speech and I asked him a few questions, he is running on the republican ticket.

Naritelli was absoultely a breath of fresh air after hearing nothing but farts and hot air from the current sacholes on a daily basis, as he has many Conservative beliefs that the people of California have been waiting for-such as:

1-abolishing AB32 (he had the petition to recind it, going around), and the CARB. Believes Global Warming is a hoax-in fact took on Al "the pig" Gore about this issue and won.

2-he hates the early prisoner release and doesnt believe the budget should have anything to do with releasing prisoners -he exbounded on ways he'd eliminate that, one thing he said was he didn't understand why prisoners lift weights or why their "cells" are like hotels.

3-restore the water supplies to farms-he said the Constitution says We, the People, not We, the Delta Smelt

4-he stands firmly for 2nd amendment right to bear arms

5-prevent illegal immigration-he wants to charge back foreign goverments for the costs associated with illegals

There are a few points, theres more, but I wont bore you.
Go to his website HERE to read more of what he's about

He doesn't have a bundle of money like EMeg or 11 percent Poizner so he could use exposure, would you please consider him? and spread the word.

He is starting to get some recognition even in Nutbag land, San Francisco. and has just won the I-Caucus nomination for Governor.

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