Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gassy Hol-ette

"California's landmark global warming law will help boost the state's sagging economy by expanding the green technology sector and reducing fuel costs, according to a report released Wednesday by the state Air Resources Board."

Mary Nichols-Im going to send you a bag of marbles because you obviously have lost yours.
She is a complete, elevator doesnt go to the top, m&m's missing from the bag, one sandwich short of a picnic, tin foil hat wearing dictator.
Really, is she related to Adolph?

Doy..AB32 is a big slimy bag of crap (much like her and the people who support her fanatism) What jobs will be created if AB32 is implemented? names please.

She had a phone conference today (not even live) to discuss the latest AB32 report-that boasts the above (can you say bogus)
This stupid phone conference (right out of Get Smart) was conducted by her and her spokesholes- only the press was allowed to listen in.
To enter in, you had to dial a secret number and give a secret code-nobody, not even the invited press people were given the report until 2 hours AFTER the conference, the press was only allowed to express one question on the phone, then was hung up on so they couldn't ask follow up questions-I bet she was talking on a shoe phone.

I listened to this conference today and Mary, in total serial killer fashion, was totally mind numbing schizo incoherent with her statements and answers.

All this puffery about global warming, AB32, greenhouse gas is just that... GAS, fake, just to squeeze more money out of people and cost many, many jobs in California. I got their greenhouse gas right here in my tussy.

See, the holes are always at it. Pisses me off.

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