Saturday, March 6, 2010

Name A Turd After This Sachole

Karen "sea" Bass,
ex-speaker as of last week, decided to leave office while flipping everyone the bird , quietly giving 20 of her staff big fucking raises and promotions, like she tried to do last year, but a boot was inserted up her ass when the media and the public found out- so she backed off of that - remember?...

Last April,(after being caught), Bass ordered that "staff salaries be frozen unless a promotional opportunity exists to fill a critical vacancy," records show.

So, while hundreds of inmates are being dumped on our streets because of early release in order that the state can save money, unemployment and foreclosures rage on in California at unbelievable rates, our taxes have been increased to the highest in history, Los Angeles legislature is comptemplating having home owners repair their own sidewalks (even though taxes are paid for this service), meter parking tickets are now 50 bucks, some counties are charging 300.00 for 911 services if you live in the county and haven't bought their yearly subscription of 48 bucks-$400 if you don't live in the county, Bass found it critical to give some of her staff raises-

Pamela Haynes' job title changed from senior assistant to principal assistant and her pay rose from $87,456 per year to $96,204,

Michael C. Wagaman, who was earning $77,832 per year, saw his salary rise to $85,620 and his title changed from associate consultant to senior consultant,

and Bass' executive secretary, Anna Christine Goddard, whose title changed to senior assistant, raised from $57,240 to $62,964.

Bass's statement? Glad you asked.

She defended the worthiness of the pay hikes (after she shed her skin and ate it), noting that many Assembly employees had not received raises in years.

I think one could live off of a yearly salary of 87 thousand nicely for a couple more years, I know I could.


Anonymous said...

I am just wondering what is the difference is between a "senior assistant" and a "principal assistant"?

About 10 grand a year and a higher pension, I say.

merijoe said...

senior=12th grade student-fears bad grades

principal=ability to pick your nose and flick the booger in front of others without fear of retribution

toof said...

That fucking picture is scary!