Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Inglorius Bastards

Pictured above:
Two hypocritic Sacholes-Senor Maldonado and Roy Assburn, showing how gay it is living Lavida Bullshit as they give each other some reassuring hugs and shouts of: I ARE REALLY SMART!

Roy Assburn (R) Bakersfield, came out of the closet three days after he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving as he left a gay nightclub. Ashburn defended his opposition to gay-rights legislation, however, saying it was his "duty" to vote in accordance with his constituents' beliefs. (he also felt his constituent's beliefs were that higher taxes were needed)

Said Senor Maldonado (R) Santa Maria,
"There's no secret that I have an "R" next to my name, but on every vote that I've ever taken, I've never let that dictate how I'm going to vote." (even though I signed a pledge not to raise taxes, but, last year, did anyway).

Democrats, have a lot to be thankful for in Maldonado because he often was their swing vote on budgets and some tax increases.
But, Assemblyman Sandre Swanson, D-Alameda, said Schwarzenegger's selection of Maldonado as Lt. Governor was a cold political calculation to reward a lawmaker who has helped him in the past
(However, in Maldonado's defense, you do need to be dumb as a radish to qualify for that position)

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