Monday, March 1, 2010

Death and The Arnold Connection

By now, most everyone, has heard about Katie Tagle and her baby son, 9 month old Wyatt, who was killed by her maniac, insane, abusive, ex boyfriend and father of Wyatt, Stephen Garcia.

The fact that Katie had gone before Judge Robert Lemkau ten days before the baby was killed, with an armful of her crazy ex boyfriend's rambling, homicidal, violent emails that stated he was going to kill himself and the baby too so she could
request a restraining order and supervising visits, was denied, by lemkau because Lemkau deemed Tagle a liar in five minutes flat, is bad, real bad, but guess what?

Judgie poo Lemkau-San Bernardino County Superior Court, was appointed by none other than our own mentally challenged, freak and bad actor, Gov. Schnitzel, who evidently, was bored and was playing Terminator, the Governor's Edition.

It was doubtful that the judge even read the emails, and obviously, there was no court hearing that day because the judge's mind was closed.

And why was Schnitzel allowed to appoint a judge?
This wasn't illegal?
A dumb barbell lifting, frankenstein head, nitwit, foreigner who knows nothing about anything let alone who to allow to sit on a bench and make final calls on people's lives.
Well, why am I surprised?, look at the chunks who run our California government.

Oh yeah, Lemkau has the gall to be running for another term as judge for the San Bernardino County Superior Court.
No doubt he will be endorsed by Gov Schnitzel.

But Attorney, James Hosking was so angry and horrified by this nutcase judge that he put his own hat in the ring to run against Lemkau.

SB County Deputy District Attorney James Hosking is running for Superior Court Judge against Judge Robert Lemkau. Voters will decide between them on Election Day June 8, 2010. Hosking had not yet planned to run but after reading about Wyatt's murder, he decided he would run 'based in part upon being outraged by Lemkau' ruling that allowed this baby, Wyatt to be murdered by his psychotic father'.

“I feel comfortable calling Judge Robert Lemkau an asshole. … and am now running for Superior Court Judge against Judge Bob Lemkau. This man does not belong on the bench. “ — James Hosking

"I feel comfortable calling Arnold Schwarzenegger, a twat." - Merijoe

"Judge Lemkau not only ignored the fact that Mr. Garcia had made death threats against Ms. Tagle and her son by phone, e-mail, texts, suicide letters and even a short novel, but he also told Ms. Tagle that she was lying,"
wrote James Hosking on his website.

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