Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Dissing of a Sachole

I was absolutely mortified to learn that at a recent gathering of PTA members and other school officials that Senator Gloria Romero, (D – East Los Angeles), organized, took this opportunity to get on her throne and in her grandest queen of upper butt crack voice, told the whole crowd that John and Ken (of KFI talkradio) always stop the progress of California.

Really Gloria? these 2 guys from an AM radio talkshow are stopping California from growing? really? so you dont think much of voters do you? We all are just doing what they say, like robots.
Anyway, I took this opportunity to email Queen Douchey:


dateSat, Feb 27, 2010 at 8:46 PM

Dear,(cough, cough) Sen. Gloria Romero,

For someone who brags about having a bunch of degrees, you showed yourself to be another ignorant, evil, twisted, weasal Sachole and a poor example of what one supposedly reaps, with higher education, because of gas you expelled all over some PTA members and others who attended a recent education "outing/meeting".

These people were no doubt, expecting to hear something useful, intelligent and hopeful from a representative in government, and were, once again, confused and disappointed (but probably not surprised) at your overexaggerated, temper tantrum, about 2 men who merely come to work and rip off the cloak you and the other "mafiosa" of Sacramento cover yourself with, just so you are free to do what you want-like you have in all the years before.
Funny thing though, Glore, my tax money pays all your big salaries, and, because of this, I have a right to know what you are up to. This is where John and Ken come in.

You may NOT spend my hard earned money any damn way you want, like you have before in the name of "California Progress", and here's something you can take to the bank and cash- "I'm quite sure I'm not alone in this thinking."

Which by the by, I must remind you that you have been using my money since 2001 when you were (cough, cough) elected as senator to "progress California".

I have seen nothing that romotely can be construed as "progress in California" in the 50 years I've lived here,
as a matter of fact, I have not seen any progress in California in the many years that many foolish bills passed, I'm guessing those bills were suppose to "progress California" too, but really, they only served to take more of my tax money and did nothing to "progress California"..

What is your problem? What does John and Ken have to do with "stopping the progress of California"?
They just shine some light on your shenanigans - You don't like that, do you?

But we TAXPAYERS are sick and tired of all your nonsense, including, you guys thinking you can do what you want, any time you want with OUR money, OURS not YOURS-

Hey... John and Ken have one vote each, unless you know something I don't.
So, how can 2 people stop California from progressing, you ignorant bag?

This was taken from Josesph Vranich's (he's a relocoation coach) Blog about why California businesses are leaving for other states and I dont see John and Ken mentioned anywhere in here


the “Top Ten Reasons Why California Companies Are Calling the Moving Companies.”

#10: The Tax Foundation in their newest report lists California at No. 48 for tax fairness – ahead of only New York and New Jersey.

#9: The Rose Institute of State and Local Government reported in the latest "Cost of Doing Business Survey" that California cities continue to be some of the most expensive locations to do business in the United States.

#8: The Pacific Research Institute found that California’s labor performance in a recent five-year period is among the worst performing in the nation.

#7: The Civil Justice Association of California said the state ranks 44th in legal fairness to business. Los Angeles was again named the least fair and reasonable litigation environment in the entire country.

#6: A study by the consulting firm Bain & Co. found that an astonishing 60 percent of California business leaders said they have policies in place to restrict job growth in the state or move jobs to other U.S. locations.

#5: Again from Bain & Co. – they’re a busy group – they measured the cost, uncertainty and complexity of regulations and constructed a “regulatory hassle index” and "California is far worse than any other state by a very significant margin."

#4: The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council in Virginia found that California ranked 49th overall in terms of business friendliness.

#3: The Associated Press calculates what it calls a monthly "misery index" – California is close to the bottom of the list.

#2 Extravagant state spending continues and pollsters have found people are much angrier about California government – more than they've ever been in recorded polling history.

And the #1 reason why California companies are calling the moving companies” – Chief Executive magazine recently found California to be the worst state in the nation in which to do business. Texas was found to be the best.

I have a vote and a brain too,
I don't like what any of you stinkholes are up to, so you can partly blame me and millions of others in California and our NO FUCKING WAY vote too, for "stopping progress in California", Don't blame two men alone for this.

You are a laughable drama queen, Glore. Tell people the WHOLE STORY if you feel the need to blow a big fart out of your mouth.



Anonymous said...

Not enough "F" bombs in this letter.

Gloria is a Sacholes.

Anonymous said...

Not enough "F" bombs in this letter.

Gloria is a Sacholes.

merijoe said...

I was trying hard to maintain my cool and think of other ways to drive my point home other than say "fuck you, twat" - It was difficult too, I think I sprained my brain.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have defiled "No Swear Week" for a good reason. Fuck you Gloria!