Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sacholes exclusive: Jerry Brown Needs Work (Comment Here)

He's back.  Jerry Brown's three democratic contenders have backed down, splitting the sea and allowing Moonbeam to alter his attack mode (and language) to meet the billion dollar attacks of his rich republican foes. 

With California in poor shape, Brown will not be barking for more car lanes as he did in the 70s.  He will be facing a state with an unemployment rate of nearly 10% (if you go by the state's statistics), pitching Green Jobs, and a stealthy campaign that most likely won't take effect until this Summer.

Just like a veteran ball player who decides to show up for the pennant race.

He does lean too heavily on his green policies, without question a result of his hey-day he better ramp up.  He's somewhere in the $12-13 million dollar range as far as financing reserves, and it's clear he'll let his name brand carry him the balance.

Those who were conscious during his past leadership runs are hopefully looking past the name and looking at his failures, as these are the areas he'll need to prove he no longer supports or has drastically altered.  This is no time for nostalgia in California lest the job be taken for granted.

Rick Caruso, a local billionaire land developer supports Brown and says, "That’s what really got me focusing on the importance a mayor can make in a city. I think Jerry did a great job in Oakland. Great job. And that’s why I’m going to support him as governor. And I’m going to probably piss off a lot of my Republican friends, which is fine. But Jerry -- I’m eager to see him have a chance. He’s a great guy. He’s a fun guy. Very smart"

Election 2010: California Governor
Meg Whitman (R) 43%
Jerry Brown (D) 43%
Some Other Candidate 6%
Not Sure 8%
(Statistics based on polls before Brown's official announcement)

Brown is steadfast in his claims to save California from the brink of bankruptcy, which seems like political ass to mouth talk, but as Wonkette states, "in the 1970s he balanced the budget while expanding all kinds of social programs and the parks and education."

On his Facebook page he claims all the good stuff, such as fighting political ghouls,  health care, and protecting workers (while supporting CARB and bogus climate change legislation).  He will alter these positions as crunch time approaches, but waiting on these critical issues

Where Brown has failed thus far is his sleepy approach to California's budget puke.  Some claim he needs to leave the 70s behind for good, apply some of his 90s approach, and think more progressively to touch on the public dismay at current stands and the growing divide between power v powerless.

His name brand and chump change (compared especially to Emeg) will only go so far, and will the summer offer him enough time to reach the youthful voters especially getting screwed these days?

Some of his political malfunction is his whimpering about the prison system's overcrowding problem while not yet coming out in favor of marijuana legalization.  In fact he voted AGAINST it in 2008.

In case you were wondering, about other odds and ends, such as “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, Jerry Brown is connected to Bacon through Thomas Mann by way of Liza Minelli.  Emeg will have a tough time beating that one.

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