Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Im An LA Councilman, AKA, A Moron"

LOS ANGELES -- "A city councilman said the ramifications of boycotting Arizona over the state's new immigration law were not researched before the motion was passed.

Fat ass, Kojak lookalike, Councilman Dennis Zine said during an interview on the KTLA Morning News that the boycott was "a symbolic effort by two colleagues that wanted to generate controversy." Zine added that "they didn't do the research" and admitted the council voted without knowledge of the facts. "
I didn't do research on it, it wasn't my motion," Zine said.
(But, he voted for the fucking boycott anyway. And I get accused of just doing whatever John and Ken say, At least I do research before I vote for something-so I know what Im voting for. duh)

The LAPD is asking for a 10-month extension of its agreement with Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions. The City Council will consider the request, as well as a new contract with another Arizona-based firm.

American Traffic Solutions (the Arizona company) operates red light cameras at 32 intersections. The council's Public Safety Committee says the exception is justified.

Zine said he expects the council will grant the exemption.

Last month, the council suspended most travel and contracting with Arizona in protest over a law requiring police officers to determine the immigration status of people lawfully stopped."

Red light cameras are justified? Well they don't make a safety difference, despite what you've heard, but its a good way for LA to steal more money and they know it. They can't let that revenue pass-symbolic gesture or not.

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