Saturday, June 26, 2010

OC Private Investigator has some explaining to do

53-year-old Kevin Michael Sianez is a private investigator in Orange County.  Mr. Sianez has some problems because he's been defrauding people for a long time and it looks like this is one of those stories that is going to have very long, sturdy legs as all the factoids are rolled out.

Right now it's not 100%, but it appears there are several fraud sites listing Sianez as one sick puppy, but then again, that might be not insensitive enough of a name considering what he's facing.  His work as a PI in several different states has been tracked online, so either this guy is mentally retarded, or he is just a complete failure at living a live without scamming people.  There is even a GREAT outing HERE.  This guy is the ultimate in chaos.

 Then, after getting inspected something weird popped up.  He apparently was posting ads on craigslist for people to come to his place to have sex with his dog - while he watched.  That's almost as weird as having a Private Investigator who also happens to be a blind albino.   Almost.

Take your pick of messed up headlines.  Whether you like this one -- 
SoCal PI charged with fraud, bestiality conspiracy:

or this one --
Former police officer facing fraud, intimidation charges:

and LA Times

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