Monday, February 15, 2010

Hat is in the Ring for Naritelli and the Governor Seat

Thank God! I have someone else I can focus on, unless, this one turns out to be a sack of onions too-hope not.

The Republican and conservative candidate Lawrence (Larry) Naritelli 's platform focuses on the following:

1-Restore water supply to the farms and end the current gov. imposed rationing because its bullshit that because of some stupid ass fish(Delta Smelt), water is rationed to them and us.

2-Develop domestic oil resources so we can stop relying on high cost alternatives, Ahhh, duh. This should have been done awhile ago, if we weren't at the mercy of baboons AKA, sacholes-this would have been done awhile ago.

3-Immediately abolish AB 32 and all laws based on the climate change hoax, thats stinkyass bullshit of the highest order.

4-Secure boarders, charge foreign governments for the cost imposed on us for their illegals. Ok, I've heard this before, if you can pull it off, awesome.

5-Right to bear arms per 2nd amendment in constitution. Sweet.

6-Taxed too much, goverment borrows too much and political leaders need to show more respect for the individuals and businesses. Taxes and over regulation is bullshit.
Cut income taxes for individuals and businesses

7-Solar energy in the classrooms? WTF? thats a bullshit waste of money.

8-The Health Care Bill is bullshit.

9-Now, this next point may be a problem for some, I frankly dont care, at this moment-I think this is the least of our problems right this second-I'm definitely not against gay or womens rights,
but, at this minute, I have to say, "I freakin dont care about these beliefs that one person has".
I guess if you are gay, or staunchly for abortion, this is big.

I have to report, Larry is against gay marriage and is pro life.

What can I say? the guy is Republican and conservative-thats what they believe, but I still like him and what he says. I'll just have to deal with #9 at another time, if this comes into play. You cant have everything.

In 2009, Naritelli joined the Tea Party movement to network with others who believe in small, limited government, low taxes and free market capitalism.

Naritelli believes we must return to the fundamentals that made our country great. He also believes the current water crisis is an example of government being the problem.

53 year old Naritelli is married with two sons and two step-children.


California's primary election is June 8, 2010

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