Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yesterday's Teaparty

I was at this one. It was at The Hills Hotel in Laguna Hills.

I didn't expect to stay too long, just wanted to sign the official petition to place the suspension of AB 32 on the 2010 ballot and I sure didnt want to hang around to hear the fog horn ramblings from liars, Poizner and Devore.

But, I did stay long enough to hear Dawn Wildman (Pictured above), President of So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition, speak.
I was impressed by her speech.
One interesting point she made was when she was discussing why all of a sudden we have the grassroots tea parties going on,

she said we don't have good representation in either of the parties in government (can I get an Amen?), and when someone asks you what party you are with, you tell them YOU are your party. And if they insist that you need a party, you tell them "No you don't".

Unfortunately, everyone, except me, seems to think Devore is Spider man and Abraham Lincoln rolled up in one.
Ya know, Arnold sounded like that too, during his campaign and hood winked alot of us.

I personally think Devore is filled with alot of, how you say... hot air and farts. (and is a huge pussy with a giant labia and a uterus).

This conclusion is due to some personal dealings I've had with this dude along with some observations of mine.

And dont get me started with insane Poizon-er.
Not only would he (a multi millionaire) not financially back part time legislature that he said he believed in (and my cat smokes cigars), he also runs to the principal whenever he feels he gets a boo boo because someone pushed him down on the playground.
Another, pussy.


Anonymous said...

Idiot Chuck Devore writes for Andrew Breitbart.


He's fucking nutsack liar, thief and whore - just like all those available on the ballot.

W.C. Varones said...

Sorry I missed you there! Hope to meet you at the next one (Tom's Farms II?).

I'd love to hear the backstory on DeVore. I was initially skeptical but have been warming up to him.

Poizner sucks.

Anonymous said...

Well, like Devore Warming should start reversing itself. He's no different from Global Warming - a hoax.