Friday, February 5, 2010

Mary Nichols - "Shame, On You"

"Their actions are shameful. Instead of fighting us in court, they should be working with us to provide consumers in California and the rest of the nation with the next generation of cleaner fuels." Mary Nichols


Global warming is a hoax and AB 32 is based on junk science-period.

AB32 is a bad law that will make life harder for all in this state.

It is WE California taxpayers, who will be paying for the $3.7 billion in added costs that will be passed on to the truckers/constuction people by the CARB, I mean those few who haven't gone bankrupt that is, as they have no other choice than to increase the price of all the items that must be transported into the state-like food, etc.

Yeah, right Mary Nichols of CARB- fight the lawsuit, beeeotch. Two words for you Hein Tran.
Splain that fake frauds report that you covered up to everyone else, in court.

The only shameful waste of time is you and that silly board you head. Stick it. You should be up on charges too.


Anonymous said...

what an Fing Beast!

Anonymous said...

Mary Nicoles has herpes.