Thursday, February 11, 2010

HAHA - The Sheep Are Coming, The Sheep Are Coming!

This video is making its way around the net and let us just sit for a moment and stare.  Stare at the insane madness that is Carly Fiorina, one of the most incredibly industrial revolutionary fiscally retarded (yes, I just said retarded) CEOs in the history of our country!  BaHHHaaHHHH my ass.  Fiorina is a nut and this advertisement is soooo 90s, complete with a dramatic score, flying swirling sheep high on mushrooms and gratuitous bashing that leads us to wonder - WHY.  Thanks Carly for your historical reminders, but what about yous own legacy?

Some of the choice comments left under the Youtube comments section:

"Carly is entirely clueless to her own incompetency. She was totally over her head at HP and nearly destroyed that once fabled corporation. That $40 million golden parachute to make her go away was money well spent. Her incompetent leadership was costing HP $40million in losses each month!

Now she moronically thinks she can Fiorinicate California like she Fiorinicated HP. This insanely stupid ad is the clearest testimony of how disastrous it is to give this crazy lady any power."

"HAHA, I know this ad seems so ridiculous, but really when you think of it, they just took what other ads do and went to the logical extreme with it.
Priceless stuff here. This candidate who this ad is supporting has 0 chance of getting elected btw."

and finally, this gem,

"This isn't so bad when you consider that it was written, directed, and edited by sixth graders. Good job, kids!"

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