Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet The Sachole

Because we should know who our California government representatives are, you know, the ones in charge of our tax money, we have added a new monthly feature to the Sacholes Blog called MEET THE SACHOLE.
For Feb/Mar, we have Senator Pat Wiggins. Meet her. Enjoy.

Sen. Pat Wiggins, D-Santa Rosa, interrupted a committee hearing Wednesday afternoon, screaming and racing toward committee staffers who apparently had failed to refill a water canister that she found empty after the hearing’s lunch break.

Another committee member had to intervene – blocking the 69-year-old lawmaker from the young staff members – before an aide to Wiggins led the senator back to her seat.

I was able to dig up a photo of Senator Wiggins and her advisors keeping America safe for democracy.
In the photo above, you gotta admit Senator Wiggins is looking a bit haggard.

But clearly she is surrounded by some of the sharpest legislative spokes holes in the business, who are there to help her navigate the complexities of her position like:
going to the bathroom
taking turns speaking
covering for her when she says or does something political incorrect, such as
calling a ministers' comments, "bullshit".
(Watch the video, at about 1:50 you hear a voice -thats her's, they dont show her face but you hear her-tell me she's not koo-koo for coco puffs)

Evidently her staff is aware that there are some m&ms missing from the bag and has known this for some time-shes been a senator since 2006, but they insist she can do her duties as a senator, of course. Here's your sign.

To protect her, they say, it's a matter of treating people with disabilities the right way.
Good Gawd, it's not like she has one leg and is in a wheelchair, she's a senile bat who is representing Santa Rosa in Sacramento- making decisions, spending taxpayer money and voting for laws.

I wonder how many others in the California Capitol are actually certifiable? That explains A No Parking For Free, Anywhere- bill, Let Prisoners Out Of Jail Early To Save Money-law, AB32-bill and Jail Time For Under Inflated Tires- bill.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love her female body guard standing to left - spilled coffee (or slobbered) all over her garments. haha - and wearing Terminator glasses....

Something tells me that WASN'T photoshopped in.

merijoe said...

i love the book senator wiggins (sister of the Simpson's police chief) is holding- "Senating for Dummies" where can I get a copy of that?