Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ilegal Aliens vs Aliens from Mars

First, let me exclaim this as loud and clear as possible, IM NOT A MEG WHITMAN OR JERRY BROWN FAN AND AM NOT VOTING FOR EITHER OF THESE WHORES.

But I was infuriated by something all of us heard about this past week..

Never mind Meg and her hiring of the illegal ex-housekeeper, my problem is, what, regarding this illegal alien who produced FALSE documentation to invade my country happens to her? I want her arrested and deported immediately. Good Gawd.

Gloria Allred compares this illegal alien who produced false documentation, to the great American,ROSA PARKS" WTF?-and states that she isn't an Alien from another planet, therefore, out of RESPECT, we should refer to this criminal as an "Undocumented Worker". fuckedy fuck fuck. Of course, senora illegal didn't show much respect to any of the American people when she bogarted her way into the U.S. and stole someone's I.D.-but never mind that, we need to bend over to the illegal. Oh and Meg should appologize to this criminal for not respecting her either, says Gloria Allwet.

ICE (The great immigration Department that we pay for out of our American taxes)made a statement that they arent interested in illegal aliens that arent violent criminals-so they wont be following up on deporting the maid. Hellllloooo, so stealing socials and drivers licenses by illegal aliens is considered non violent according to these idiots that I pay for out of my taxes?

Yesterday, Meg and Jerry had a debate in Fresno where of course, this issue was brought up, Meg accused Jerry of being behind this release and using the ex maid as a pawn to strengthen his campaign,
Instead of denying this, Jerry retorted that Meg is blaming everyone but herself, won't admit she made a mistake and that California certainly shouldn't have someone who can't admit they were wrong as governor.

I don't know about you, but if someone accuses me of something I didn't do, I yell at the top of my lungs over and over, that I didn't do it
Meg is doing that, Jerry isn't.

I don't want either of these clowns in office, I'm not sure why Meg wants this job so bad, she is a billionaire. I stop working after I come into a million bucks let alone a billion.
And Jerry? he's just a lying old cooter with an agenda, backed up by unions and other assorted nutcases, but I certainly wouldn't want someone like him, who instigates mess, in the governor seat either.

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