Thursday, December 31, 2009

Curb Their Enthusiasm-News From The Governor's Budget 2009-10

Revenue Estimates-Governor’s Budget 2009-10

"Spending growth has contributed to the budget gap. For much of the last decade, state spending grew faster than population and inflation."
(thank you, captain No Shit).
WHOOP, WHOOP...Greedy Sachole Alert -here's a suggestion-a part time legislature.

"California’s budget situation is likely to remain challenging for some time for two reasons.
First, while the economic forecast projects a recovery from the recession will begin next year, the recovery is not expected to be as robust as in past years.
Second, some of the solutions to the budget crisis are one‑time, or of limited duration.
Preliminary projections for the coming fiscal year suggest that the state will face a significant budget shortfall; perhaps in the $7 to 8 billion

Proposal to Increase Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License Fees:

The Budget proposes an increase of $12 per vehicle to the registration fee to support state vehicle registration operations.
Vehicle License Fee (VLF) revenues will in turn be directed to local public
safety programs.
Additionally, the Budget also proposes an increase of $3 to the
driver’s license fee, which will generate an estimated $16.5 million in budget year.
The revenues will fund the increased costs of new driver license/identification/sales
person cards, as well as increased DMV staffing costs.

For 2009‑10, baseline revenues are expected to decline further to $86.3 billion, a 1.4‑percent decrease from
With the Administration’s revenue proposals for addressing the budget
shortfall, revenues are estimated to be $91.1 billion in the current year and $97.7 billion in
budget year.

Impressive, aint it? all those increases that "the budget proposes" on all of us.

I recently went to a public meet and greet of my county supervisor here in Orange County-when Q&A came around, I raised my paw and asked her "nicely" what she did all day..her response-"meetings" (I almost threw my shoe at her).

Those greedy moochers on the hill just take, take, take our taxmoney and then, with obvious time to, spend, spend, spend-it.
What we can do for California, is to get back to the part time legislature.

Download a petition.
A million signatures are needed by March 1st to get this on the ballot. I've got mine signed and plan to circulate more petitions.


Remember-don't give these Holes any reason to not count your petition
1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.
4-be registered to vote in California

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