Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Full Time, My Ass

For nearly 120 years, California had a part-time Legislature.

In 1966, a new Volkswagen Beetle cost $1,825, gas was 34 cents a gallon and California's legislators were part-time.

Then in November of that year, with the voters’ approval, California’s Legislature became full time.

43 years later, what we have in office are ineffective, bone headed, pathetic ninny's who are unwilling to do the right thing at anytime if it's not to their advantage.
Always late with budgets, thousands of tax dollars spent to fly to Hungary to teach folks how to play poker online, and, legislative bills to tax every plastic bag you use to bring the food home that you just bought from the grocery store, and, in order to get more "revenue" to pay for more of this nonsense, their answer is to tax us some more, stating that extra money is needed desperately for (wink, wink), overcrowded classrooms.

Scoring, whoring and duty-bound only to their beloved, bribing lobbyists, those full timers have left all Californians and the state in utter shambles and don't care.

Says Democratic Douchebag, Steven Maviglio, executive fucktard of, Californians for an Effective Legislature,
"the goal of organizing against the initiative (of part time legislature) in its infancy is to nip it in the bud,
to expect someone to walk in with 30 days of experience and try to solve a billions-of-dollars budget deficit, complex water policy and education issues is absurd,"

Says 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee, Steve Poizner,
"I don't think we want professional politicians running our state.
I think we want people that come from the trenches ... people that have successful careers,
they have a paycheck coming from someplace else, then they can go to Sacramento at that part
of their career in order to devote themselves to public service."

Says Merijoe, writer of the Sacholes blog,
"you call what we have now in Sacramento, legislators who know what they're doing?
They couldn't find their asses with an ass map. Shit, they're already working part-time and getting paid for full-time,
California managed to survive with a part time legislature during the depression-I believe that was considered a major crisis"

It's time to go back to part time legislature before we aren't able to afford to pay attention.
Download a petition- A million signatures are needed by March 1st to get this on the ballot.


Remember-don't give these Holes any reason to not count your petition
1- download on legal size paper.
2-only two signatures per petition.
3-make sure you write at the top of the petition what district you are in and make sure that anyone else who signs is in that same district.
4-be registered to vote in California


Anonymous said...

what a class act.

merijoe said...

Not sure who you are talking about, but, let me agree anyway.

If this is a hole of some sort, LOL, there's more of us "class acts" then of you- now say bu bye.

Anonymous said...

Everything in this posting is true. You know what else is a class act? raising my taxes to the highest in history.