Monday, December 7, 2009

Anthony Adams and Skullduggery

Recall Adams

As California treads lightly over the abyss, it has gotten so ugly that even a fatass loser named Anthony Adams can create madness, uncertainty and chaos in a voting system that is cleary fubar.  
"It's not over, certainly," said Mike Schroeder, a former California Republican Party chairman and a key Adams recall proponent.  After all, Adams signed a NO-TAX pledge, then turned around to vote FOR the states largest tax hike EVER, a $12 billion dollar deal that faced public scrutiny.  It was a position he later called a  feebly called a learning lesson.  Let us keep this post in good harmony with all you politically correct assholes out there in internet land.

Instead, let us look at the Skullduggery!  Because there is sure something stinky going on.

Since serving Anthony Adams' butterball ass with the legal papers for a recall, Schroeder and co. worked furiously to harness 32,000 signatures required for the special recall.  Oh man, am I not being politically correct again?  My bad.  Fuck that troll.

He is a stinky leper that deserves a recall.  But the official call was that only 24,000 (plus change) signatures were obtained.

By all measures, a failed attempt and all the blogs out there with posts to such fact all have that one comment on their thread, which I'm convinced is the same buffoon going around to all the sites, and calling the effort a failed attempt and blah blah.... What is the give away?  Maybe it is that there are similar misspellings and a dumb vibe to go along with a dumb message. Whatever.

The stink is that 2/3rd of the signatures collected in San Bernardino were said to be invalid.  What?  2/3 of the signatures in Adams' home town were not valid?  Get outta here!  Anyone who puts political arm bending behind the likes of the Michelin Man Adams has it all wrong.  This fool has the potential in a crapland like San Berdoo to get away with getting some signatures invalidated.  Tim Whitacre and his right arm "tweeker" Derrick Lee from Arizona were helping Adams run the show and these fools are going to be outed.  Now it is up to Schroeder to work his magic and prove his weight.  We are living in a political world where pieces of shit like this are getting exposed for what they really are - pieces of shit.  Smoldering, steamy, lifeless pieces of turn sitting in the rain and decomposing right before our very eyeballs.

It is no secret why San Berdoo is such a nasty, pathetic distric with a history of political malfeasance.  San Berdoo really keeps that good ol' boy mentality alive and this is being supported by Kari Verjil.  Kari, is soo very... soo very familiar with questionable ethics.  The Registrar of Voters in San Berdoo, Kari has been subject to prior ethics violations.  Without question there are bizarre mathematical formulation used in the sampling of the signatures.  Expect this to be investigated by Schroeder in upcoming days and weeks and Kari's ethical shortcomings to be put under tougher scrutiny.

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