Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still On The Fence For A Part Time Legislature in California? Read On...

Fred Aguiar, deputy chief of staff to Arnold, received a special state permit that authorized him to use a $34,000 state Honda Accord hybrid for weekend trips between Sacramento and his residence in Central California.
(A special state permit that Aguiar, himself, signed off on, and this was 3 months after Arnie demanded, this summer, that the "number" of state workers allowed to drive government cars between their homes and offices be cut-guess he figured he wasn't one of the number so the rule doesn't apply to him).

"So he can go home on weekends to see his wife", says Schwarzenegger spokeshole Aaron McLear. "He pays for his own gas" (so there)

Erin Shaw, Hole for the State and Consumer Services Agency and defender of Sacramento Shisters, said Aguiar needed a state car with him on weekends as a Cabinet secretary this spring and summer because of work.
Sachole, Erin Shaw declined to name an emergency, meeting or event that he used his state car to reach on weekends from his rural residence-(but he needs it just in case there is an emergency dinner party that deputy chief of staff to Arnold needs to attend on a sunday night).

Here's the SacBee story

Doesn't he own a car? So along with his hefty ass salary he gets a taxpayer car to take home on the weekends in case of an emergency Ball he has to attend and because he needs to go home to be with his woman-on the weekends?

When I use my car for business, I fill out an expense sheet for my mileage that I used.

Obviously this criminal politician doesn't want to have to pay for the maintenance to his own damn vehicle.

I wonder?

Where else does Aguiar drive this taxpayer paid for car to on the weekends with the wife that he only sees on the weekends? (but, that's ok, per the spokesholes, cause he pays for his own gas, not the insurance for the car, not the oil changes, not the registration, not the dent restoration, but the gas.)

All the more case for a part time legislature.

I echo these sentiments from Tanner, who commented on the sacbee story:

"Let him drive his own car for his weekend "bootie-calls"!

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