Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Remember This When An IOU instead of A Refund Is Issued To You

An office memo lists reasons to spend $700,000 on Mark Ridley-Thomas's office renovation:

Energy-efficient lighting
Healthy lighting levels
Cleaning the air-supply ducts
Replace carpeting that's more than 10 years old
Better power and data distribution
Replacing all latches and doorknobs
Replace the office kitchenette

707 grand to do that? WTF? is he flying to Africa to get special doorknobs made from real diamonds to put in his office?

The LA Board of Supervisors is fine with him spending more than twice the price of a California home to renovate his office. In fact, while children can't get school supplies, policemen are layed off, and tax credits for children have been reduced cause a bear will come to our houses and fuck us all in the ass, if these things don't happen, the vote to spend more than $700,000 on his precious office renovation was unanimous by the other county supervisors. (He's got some ass greasin' to do later). No debate. No questions, just go ahead, get that $1800 umbrella stand, thats what the rainy day fund is for.

"I'm here to celebrate one year of (LOL) hard work (by stealing from taxpayers), and it seems to me to work in an environment that's decent is a part of what it means to keep people motivated," said Ridley-Thomas and, also says his is the only office that hasn't been upgraded and it shouldn't be a second-class operation. (my office won't even reimburse me for paper and toner for my computer).

The office isn't exactly downtown Bagdad. The wooden walls are generally in good shape. The carpet is a little shabby, The ceilings aren't very modern. Neither are the electrical outlets. (poor guy) Channel 7 reports.

"It's cramped conditions, as well as people having to double up in offices," said Ridley-Thomas.

LA County CEO Bill Fujioka approved the deal, but he didn't want to go on camera to talk about it.

"There's no reason to think this office should have anything less than any other office," said Ridley-Thomas. "That day is over. Gone. Good bye." (Really Mark? and what would have you done if you didnt have 700 grand for hand made silk carpeting from Italy?)

Eyewitness News asked Ridley-Thomas's office for an itemized list of the renovations but hasn't received it. You think he would hand it over if some of us asked him-uh, politely?

Once the $707,000 refurbishment begins it will take an estimated six months to complete.
Again, WTF? 6 months to replace carpeting, lighting, doorknobs, clean airducts, revamp a kitchette and get better power and data distribution (whatever that means)
He must be doing the work himself with some more of his slothful, lying, thieving political union buddies.
That's a Bad Piggy.

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