Friday, December 11, 2009

Mark Ridley Thomas And the $707,000 Office Renovation-continued

Here is the copy of an email that was sent from concerned citizen, "Brian", to several L.A. County offices including that of boneheaded, fat slob, Mark Ridley Thomas.

Also, for your review, I have attached the link (below in red) that will give you a video tour and glance into poor Mark RT's office that he says needs a $707,000 ren-o. The camera scans his office at the 2 minute mark of the video, check it out yourself, see if you think he even needs $10 of paint, let alone $707,000 for a redo.

From: Brian
Sent: Friday, December 11, 2009 4:56 PM
To: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''
Subject: Let them eat cake

I cannot believe that in December 2009, with the country, the state of CA, and the City of Los Angeles all having the worst economic crisis that has happened in my lifetime, that there would be a politician disgusting enough to spend over $700,000, and potentially over $1 million dollars on office renovations. What is wrong with you? And to the supervisors who voted to approve this expenditure with apparently no questions asked, what is wrong with all of you?

I have never had much regard for politicians, I’ve always assumed that most of them didn’t care in the least about the people that they’re supposed to be representing and that they were just in it for the money, power, perks, and ego gratification. But even with my low regard, I am truly stunned that one of them would be so positively vulgar as to try to create such a lavish monument to his overinflated ego in this economy, while the people of his district are struggling to put food on the table, or buy a single Christmas present for their child, or keep a roof over their heads. How many salaries could be paid with a million dollars a year? How many homes could be saved from foreclosure with a million dollars? How many families could eat for a month with a million dollars? Yet, instead of using this TAXPAYER money to help people in your district, you’re spending it on Herman Miller furniture and a domed ceiling for your lobby? Have you no shame? No conscience?

And then to hear Don Knabe being interviewed on the radio, and his completely dismissive attitude toward it all was just infuriating. Hey Don, saying “I take responsibility for my vote” doesn’t mean ANYTHING. You, as well as the other supervisors have the power to prevent this kind of blatant middle finger to the citizens of Los Angeles, THAT’S WHY YOU HAVE TO VOTE ON IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. You can’t say that it’s his money, he can do what he wants with it. It is not his money, it is MY money. My taxes should be used to make life better for all of the citizens of Los Angeles, they should not be used for some asshole who is completely out of touch with the needs of his constituents to build a monument to himself. That shouldn’t happen in a good economy, and it sure as hell shouldn’t be happening in a bad one.

You are public servants, you don’t need a luxurious office to do your job, you need a functional one. Paint the walls, put in some durable carpet or Pergo, hang a few prints on the wall, get some sturdy, moderately priced office furniture, buy some dividers and create some cubicles, and call it a day.

I am sick and tired of this kind of wasteful stuff. I’m just an average guy in Los Angeles and it seems like every time I hear anything about something a politician is doing, it’s never anything that benefits me or enhances my quality of life. I just have to keep putting out more and more money so greedy politicians can live a life of luxury, while making all their decisions based on the wants of some special interest group, or some labor union, or build a subway that goes ALMOST to the airport, but not quite because that would just make too much sense. I have to listen to the Mayor ramble on about green, green, green while he’s not even following the water saving ordinances he put in place. I have to watch the governor ramble on about the same thing, while he’s flying his private jet all over the place and doing more damage to the environment in a single day than I could do in an entire year.

And the worst part is, even after the financial meltdown of the past 2 years, it seems like nobody has learned a damn thing from it all. It’s still that same greedy politician mentality of me, me, me, me, and screw the rest of you all. Sorry that you can’t afford formula for your baby because you haven’t been able to find a job in the past year, but dammit, I want my $1500 desk and $800 chair!

It’s completely revolting and I can guarantee you that I’m going to spread the word. People are waking up. Unfortunately we can’t storm the palace and bring you to the guillotine like Marie Antoinette experience when she had the same attitude toward her people, but you will get yours the next time your name appears on a ballot.

Shame on you all.

Pictures of his, according to Mark, skanky ass, not as good as the other supervisors, office that needs a $707,000 face lift- click

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