Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lame Runner - Mark Ridley Thomas

Ahh, the holiday season! Ain't it great when all those greedy morons in office can take a step back, and look at the high unemployment rates, hiring freezes, cuts in education - oh you name it, anything that makes you wonder what is going to be done to help these folks out a little.

What should a city supervisor do with $700,000 of spare change?

Per his office "Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas plans to use the money to add seven workstations, replace the ceiling system and re-carpet his eighth-floor space in the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration."

The office should also be decorated with pictures of famous criminals, why the hell not? Creepazoid Second District Supervisor, Mark Ridley Thomas is planning his department's hard earned dollars, after holding the position for one year (after taking over for the departed Bernard Parks).

Only one thing is wrong here - it's not his team's hard earned $700,000. It is my money. It is YOUR money. It is the TAXPAYERS money! His $1 annual discretionary fund is going towards a better work environment for his staff.

By the way, have you been inside one of those bungalows where many teachers still lucky to be working are hard at work, day in and day out? I have.

Fuck Thomas - he's just another fat slob stealing taxpayer money for a very shitty reason that won't do diddly fucking squat for productivity.  In the long run it's going to be just another "what if" and we don't have time for "what ifs".  Seriously, has this guy just crept out from under the stupid tree?  After one year, this shows a lot of fucking nerve and taxpayers need to learn more and they need to get pissed.

Email him to tell him what you think of his nifty idea to go ahead and spend in excess of $700,000 in taxpayer's money (not including furniture-which is another 300-400 grand on top of that and another 800 grand to redecorate his "field office") to upgrade his goddamn office which could feed over 21 thousand people for a week, who have no food:

Better yet, CALL him to tell him what you think of his nifty idea to go ahead and spend in excess of $700,000 in taxpayer's money to upgrade his goddamn office:
(213) 974-2222 -- when asked, say you are from the 90520 district.

Read this article from September that explains Ridley-Thomas ties under scrutiny.

Update: video with pictures of his "not up to par" office- click

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