Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Annoying spoiled brat, Stupidvisor Mark Ridley-Thomas (even his name is annoying), in response to the multiple angry emails and phone calls regarding the 707,000 office renovation, attempted to do some damage control by posting on his website some of the more common quesions people are asking and the lame "answers" to the questions written by his paid spokesholes, or, what I refer to as the big pile of suckin' lies.


1. Why does it cost $707,000?-(as heard in the audio below there is nothing wrong with his office)

2. How can you spend money on your office during this economic recession?
(again, there is nothing wrong with his damn office other than the lack of a walkin closet, cherrywood and diamond studded doorknobs)

3. Why not spend this money to support community groups in your district?
(I dont care that at one time you visited some hobo's under a bridge, gave them 5 dollars and a hot cup of coffee-does that mean you're done?)

4. Why have you spent so much more on office remodeling than other Supervisors have in recent years?
(Huh? he's newly elected? WTF? and so-more reason for him to sit down and shut up)

5. Are you spending an additional $300,000 on furniture?
(yes, avoid the question with "we don't know how much things will cost")

6. Why do you need to prepare meals in your office?
(Go to the cafeteria in the building before it closes)

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