Thursday, November 12, 2009

Liquid Ass in Mission Viejo is no prank

There are smelly places travelers have warned tourists about, but there is a story that reminded me of a video I had seen a while ago about a girl who moved here to Los Angeles and found.... a stinky, filthy city. In fact, there are plenty of cities in California that smell awful. 

In Mission Viejo, residents are rightly pissed off at the nasty, foul water stench leaving people on the verge of pukage. For two weeks, residents have been inhaling the effects of sulfides in the lake which are causing a nasty odor eminating from the Upper Oso Reservoir.  The residents took their complaints to the Mission Viejo city hall to voice their concerns.

Dan Ferons is the water district's chief engineer. He initially underestimated the impact of his body odor of the stench when he estimated the smell to be gone within 2-7 days. Michele Miller, spokeswoman for the Santa Margarita Water District, today revealed a plan to eliminate the vomitous tingle in the air but would not speculate on when the air will return to normal.

Sounds like another job for FEMA.  Not.

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