Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Turkey Gets A Pardon

Recall failure for Anthony "Mole-Eye" Adams

My initial thought was, "How could this happen?"

It seems like there are only three obvious possibilities,
all of them extraordinarily lucky for Anthony Adams,
who should by rights be facing a recall over his taking of the no new taxes pledge
only to turn around and vote for the largest tax increase in the history of any state.

1) A really unlucky pull of random signatures.
It's not likely that all of the "bad apples" (invalid signatures) in the bunch would be all stuck together --but it is not impossible.
Probably more likely that the Governor's subliminal FUCK YOU veto letter to Tom Ammiano was a coincidence.

2) Fraud by one of both Registrars of Voters.
From what I've heard, the ROV in San Bernardino is very honest-yeah, like I believe that crap-
I have little faith in anything that has ties to the Sacramento Sacholes/mafiosa.

3) Something stinky and/or corrupt occurred by the paid signaturegathering vendor
(who had guaranteed a validation rate and who was being paid to validate the signatures),

I guess there are other, less likely explanations.
But assuming that some grave error wasn't made by the ROV's or the Secretary of State:
It is extreeeemely unlikely that there will be a recall election of Adams.

So besides embarrassment for the people who were initiaters of the recall, what happens to Adams.

That will depend on whether someone wants to come forward and challenge him in his regular primary.
I think they would have a strong case to make if they chose to do so.
(PLEASE SOMEONE RUN, I don't beg often)

Quote from Adams regarding this failed recall:

"I'm elated. I'm euphoric," Adams said. (oh, oink, oink-you just paid off one of your buds in Sacramento to help you out)

"People generally don't like recalls," he said.
"I'm up for re-election in June, in the primary. Voters will have their say then."

(In your case people LOVE recalls, see you in June, the fact that you were actually put up for recall and got so many signatures to oust your butt, speaks volumes for the voters, just pack your carboard box-you arrogant M.F.)

Quote from Assembly GOP Minority Leader Sam Blakeslee of San Luis Obispo regarding the failed recall attempt for Adams:

"The recall process should be reserved for cases of corruption, abuse of power, and malfeasance in office."

(Sammy "the snake", another douchebag on the hill who is out of touch with the people, evidently isn't clear that Adams throwing Californians under the bus with increasing taxes after promising during his campaign not to if elected to office, is considered to be corruption, abuse of power, and malfeasance)

Adams, it's NOT over, yet. I am a voter, and I want your lying, no good, lard ass, out of California politics and out of my wallet.

Viva la part-time legislature bill.


darryl said...

Jesus, this fat-ass is like a Timex. He takes a lickin' and keeps on-a tickin'.

merijoe said...

Yeah, but unlike a Timex, he's a piece of crap and he needs to stop
tickin..he is just too arrogant and egotistical to get the hell out of office-California voters have already spoken-"GET OUT, WE DONT WANT YOU-GET A JOB OPERATING THE RIDES AT DISNEYLAND"