Saturday, November 21, 2009

UC System is WACK

So the children at UCLA are whining about getting slapped with a 32% tuition hike handed down by those fools who run the show, namely, asshole UC's President Mark Yudof.  This fool blames the state for the lack of funding, which must now be covered by students more worried about legalized weed, or at least reconciling what the big fuss is about, than asking their parents for more money.

Well, guess what.  These institutions are more flawed than what we are led to believe thanks to all the retarded media reports that are more interested in taking photos of desparate students screaming to take back the big financial burden.  None of them were complaining of deeper seeded problems, after all, the state as it stands now only finances 15% of the UC system's cash.

The rest is from allocations and privatized funding.  Because private money is, well, where the money is to be grabbed.  Every time tuition is raised, there goes along with it the possibility of students on the financial fringe get cut out of the game.  This problem really took off 3 decades ago, a time when tuition costs took the up elevator and resulted in an even higher number of upper and middle class students.  The poor got shut out and the trend has not slowed.  This is a big reason why GDIs (goddamned independents, as we used to call them...) hate that whole college game.   

Sorry for the gross incivility, but University of California Board of Regents chair Russell Gould is an absolute liar that deserves being exposed.   How many of those students out in Westwood were shouting for his head to be on a stick?  The former head of Wachovia (garbage dump) Bank is certainly part of the problem because these regents pushed for investing in mortgage-backed securities and land investments, and the UC system has lost $23 billion over the last two years. Private investing, not federal cuts are the problem that got them in this mess.  Furloughs, class reductions and layoffs are just part of the damage being done because of risky investments.  The UC system has already received record funding payments from the federal government thanks to the stimulus injection.

There is a lot to be exposed and if those students had half a brain, they'd do some real research for once and figure out what the REAL problem is here, and go after those broken promises and corrupt money hungry liars.

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