Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who will Win Mike "Spanky" Duvall's Ass. Seat?

Not Linda Ackerman. (saints be praised)
In today's Special Primary Election to replace Mike Duvall who resigned after a video surfaced showing and HEARING him (there goes my spaghetti) bragging about the details of his sexual exploits with a lobbyist in a conversation with a co-snake, here are the results:

Vote Count Percentage
CHRIS NORBY (REP) 10,401 35.9%
JOHN MACMURRAY (DEM) 7,985 27.6%
LINDA ACKERMAN (REP) 5,895 20.3%
RICHARD FAHER (REP) 3,841 13.3%
JANE RANDS (GRN) 855 3.0% (ya did good, girl)

Looks like Chris Norby,R (Orange County Supervisor), John MacMurray, D (a teacher in La Habra)and Jane Rands, GRN (a systems engineer), will be duking it out for that prestigious title of Assemblywhore of the 72nd district-which includes all of Fullerton, Brea and Placentia and parts of Anaheim, Yorba Linda, La Habra and Orange.

The general election will be held on January 12.
Oh boy, another election to vote in yet another lying, no good douchebag to Sacramento. I haven't heard any news stories that described utter chaos in the streets of Yorba Linda since Duvall left. Guess we can get along fine without them, who knew?

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