Friday, November 13, 2009

Go Away, Please

Yes, at last, an organized grassroots campaign has begun for a part time legislature in California:

"Our full-time Legislature has failed the people of California. The result is a Legislature dominated by career politicians beholden to special interests.
A part-time Legislature will replace professional politicians with citizen legislators and break the stranglehold of these special interests.

Full-time politicians are completely out of touch with the people they represent. By shortening the legislative season, we will take power away from Sacramento and return it to our local communities to ensure that legislators have a better sense of the needs of their communities"

Of course you have your typical hack naysayers who are afraid of us.

Some of the retired pond scum and some still employed oil spots, from the hill, fearing for their jobs, have started their own campaign including a website called, "Californians for an Effective Legislature", this is, as they condescendingly remark, "in order to put out the brush fire before it begins",
(meaning they are trying to squelch tax payers attempts to get the part time legislature to pass) and is designed to advise anyone who is dumb enough to listen to the incoherent ramblings of these mentally challenged boobs,
that it wouldn't be prudent to have a part time legislature, after all, "we need professional legislators who know what they are doing, not amatuers, for we ARE the seventh largest economy with a 131 billion dollar budget". (WTF? $131 billion budget??)

Leading this fight against a part time legislature is one of the many big throbbing weeners of Sacramento, democratic strategist and ex spokeshole for Gray "Rigamortis" Davis, Steve Maviglio.

Legislators, who know what they're doing? You call what we have now in Sacramento, legislators who know what they're doing?
They couldn't find their ass with an ass map.

Shit, they're already working part-time and getting paid for full-time.

None of these power hungry baboons represent their constituents, they serve only their own private interests and those who scratch their backs or, in some cases, their dicks.

They are ALL a bunch of stinking douchebags and should be kicked out of office.

Worried about amatuers taking over, are you?
Currently in office are ineffective, bone headed, pathetic ninny's who are unable to do the right thing at anytime-they are always late with budgets, they spend thousands of tax dollars to fly to Hungary to teach folk how to play poker online, and, in order to get more "revenue", to foot the bill for more of this nonsense, they tax people some more, stating that extra money is needed desparately for (clutching their pearls dramatically), overcrowded classrooms.

Scoring, whoring and duty-bound only to their beloved, bribing lobbyists, they have left all Californians and the state in utter shambles.

Not only do they deserve to go, but these criminals should be getting their salads tossed in a shower stall at a federal prison.

"seventh largest economy in the world". They really think we're a bunch of dumb toothless yokies with pet goats living in our trailers.

We're a STATE not a country. Its not like we have a military or our own currency, we certainly SHOULDN'T have a $131-billion budget.
10 years ago it was half that number, so bragging about how much money is spent only MAKES the case for a part time legislature.

Where do I light my match to get this part time legislature brush fire started?

Steve Maviglio and gang, we voting Californians are not buying your bullshit as a matter of fact, we are tired of your lying, abusive, thieving, worthless behaviors and you can look forward to a "wildfire" very soon.

With all your money, when it comes down to it, you can only vote once and there are more of us than there are of you.
Say Bu-Bye. Thats a good whore.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize what was happening regarding this part time legislature thing, thanks for the enlightenment