Thursday, April 8, 2010

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Go After Arnold


merijoe said...

Typical hollywood actors, making films cause it sounds cool to make some kind of political statment, but they probably dont even know who Arnold is aside from the Terminator.
If that rich ass school needs money, let them do bakesales and sell candy, like we did when I was a kid, geeze, always wanting someone else to pay for shit isnt the answer. hellllllo

jsm said...

Brian Austin Green (I once hit golf balls next to him at the Van Nuys driving range) has a child that attends that school where this video was filmed. fyi.

merijoe said...

All the more reason for him to raise the money his own damn self-how many parents would love their kids to be at that snobby learning hole, "Upper Buttcrack Prep School"
but can't?