Monday, April 19, 2010

Sending a message to Mexico

Just got done reading the news story about the 3 Mexicans who got their boat stuck on Catalina Island. Oh, yeah, and they also were packing 4,000 lbs of weed. And the one thing that comes to mind is "what the feds gonna do with all that weed?

AVALON, Calif. (AP)- Authorities have seized thousands of pounds of marijuana and detained three Mexican nationals after their motorboat ran aground in a remote cove on Santa Catalina Island, about 25 miles off the Southern California coast.
Their story isn't that unbelievable.  In fact, I just might buy some of it - they claim a they paid a smuggler to deliver them to the land of milk n honey, but the smuggler abandoned them - and the $3 million worth of herb.

Fair enough.. perhaps.  Perhaps. It sort of sounds like a smuggling movie or two that I can think of...

But there is a much larger point to this bust, that happened in a low-profile landing spot of the sandy tourista hot spot, or at least maybe there should be a point that is hammered home.  See, California is "good" on weed now.  Bring that shit to a state that needs it.  The prices here are good, getting better, and according to sources, is more often home-made.  Tim, a barista at a Los Angeles dispensary claims "the stuff is coming from up north and it's bomb", however I am not sure, statistically, how true this is.  In any event, cutting off Mexico from this piece of the action might not do anything for the prices. (I'm not sure , but that should only mean there should be more growers.  Legalization would either automatically keep that $3 million in the country, or devalue weed enough to make these trips not worth the possible costs of admission.  If my math is correct, that is approx. $750 a lb.  Or, under $50 per ounce.  Sounds about right?) 

Right now, the interrogators are asking the "abandoned" men to "take us to your leader" while trying to work deals for them. Either they are going to give up their coyote (and be as good as dead) or they are going to be in prison for a long time.  Seems like it'd be good enough for a few gentlemen to get across the border, but to do it with 2 tons of O.G. Cush under their ass sounds a wee-bit risky.  Network fail.  So this is a message to Mexico that California is on the verge of saving itself from ruin by producing something its already good at producing, and if you still want in, wait it out.

The only other possibility is that these men are victims.  Their will to make it to the U.S. overriding all else.
Pftttt!  The feds should look the cache over, appraise and sell to the many outlets throughout the state, which makes it a double-whammy for the cartels, big winner for the taxpayers.  Let us protect our "sheriff's employee" responsible for whistle-blowing, and give the county a hearty pat on the back for a "job well done".  
(Photo: The Associated Press/Dan Teckenoff, Catalina Islander)

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