Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Please, Trow Da Bum Out

Mayor "McCheese" Villaraigosa was elected to a second four-year term by just 9.6% of
the City’s registered voters.

Do you think the City of Los Angeles should have to suffer through
another three years of Villaraigosa just because he got 9.6%?

Neither do the people who have jumped through the legal hoops needed
to circulate a petition to recall him.

During the 120 days between April 20, 2010 and August 18, 2010, they
will need to collect the signatures of 240,732 registered voters who
live in the City of Los Angeles.

Repeat: only registered voters who live in the City of Los Angeles
can sign.

What are the odds that enough people will sign? Let me answer that
question with two questions: Who knows, and who cares?
It costs you nothing to sign a petition, but it can cost you a fortune to leave
this idiot in office.

We can’t count on the big dumb Clydesdale to resign voluntarily to
pursue other career opportunities.

The cluck was told in 2005 and in 2007 that LA cannot continue to sustain finacially with all these city employees, so what does he do? Hires 4,000 more.
Then a few months ago he whined like a little sissy about having to layoff 4,000 city employees-he never did that, he just threatened and tried to guilt everyone into giving him tax money.
But the loudest, most stinky fart that this thieving buffoon blew was recently when he insisted on everyone giving the DWP a huge 28% rate increase, so in turn they would give him money that he could (cough, cough) put that in a lock box for the future green jobs program (and of course he couldnt elaberate on that, because, well, it's a lie).
Then Villar stamped his feet, threw a tantrum and insisted he would have to cut all city employee service to 3 days a week, when the LA council voted ,hell no, the DWP could not increase everyone's rate by 28%.

LA City council said Mayor McMidget(my apologies to midgets everywhere) didnt have the authority to decreased city employee services to 3 days a week. Is this guy really a glorified stable boy in a suit?

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