Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Sachole Named Jerry

Jerry Brown, et al, was probably fuming upon sight of this video paid for by the California Chamber of Commerce. Why else would the Cal Chamber PULL the video from airing after hearing Jerry's complaints? This doesn't happen when people are merely "upset" over something - this is the action taken when someone threatens at the top of his or her lungs to take this to a different level. Perhaps some of the businesses threatened to take action. Maybe there was legal threats.

What ever the case, this is yet another media coup that will prevent the citizens of California to see real statistics, real damning statistics, at the urging of the candidate the spot is exposing. Just sick and disappointing. Oh, wifeypoo "insisted" this ad be pulled and spoke to the people she blew to get this off the air.

What disgusting shitheads. Who the hell does he and his wife think they are? Just because they didnt like this 30 second ad airing on television (below, which by the way, tells the truth), they get to use their influence to get it taken off the air.
How do you like them apples-ladies and gentlemen?
This could be our next California Governor-arent you excited at the prospect of a dictator and his frauline running this state? Censoring everything they don't like.
It's fine to run spots that rip into other opponents running for the same office but don't say anything about this douche or he'll tell his union buddies.

I took the liberty of emailing John and Ken of KFI about how livid I was and suggested that they air this ad (to piss off Jerry "Lewis" Brown) everyday on the 5oclock hour, and they announced on friday, that that was precisely what they were going to do, and for free.

Highlight: Take notice of the great morph editing from the young Jerry (with hair) to the older Jerry of today (bald). THAT is quality work...

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