Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SacHole Of The Month For April

That honorable dis-tink-tion this month, goes to, you know him, you love to hate him, none other than our own Pro Tem/Senate leader, Darrell "Stinkbug" Steinberg,
for his decision to boycott Arizona by calling for a ban on new contracts to them because of the bill that was signed into law last friday that would allow police officers to ask for ID and delve a little deeper into residence status for any REASONABLE SUSPECION

Steinberg, in a withering letter to governor Limburger cheese, asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to "deliver an unequivocal message" of disgust by tearing up the state's contracts with Arizona businesses and government agencies.
Stinky called the new rules "unconscionable" and a recipe for "racial profiling."

For all the brain dead California Sacholes who are mentally challenged and merely listen to what others say, so, therefore dont understand the Arizona bill, calling it racist or Nazi like, allow me to break it down to bite size chunks...

1-Family out getting some ice cream-no reasonable suspecion to stop and ask for ID, and won't be stopped for "papers or ID"

2-Family out getting some ice cream with a loaded gun in the vendors face-reasonable suspecion, expect to be asked for papers or ID.

For his unwavering "I could care less if you all die" attitude toward California citizens (unless you are illegal)and because the real issue is completely lost on this bone, fucking, head, turd burglar, he is presented with the Sachole/Dickwad award for the month of April.

I bet Arizona is real scared, some Sacholes of California who raised taxes to an all time high and sent out IOU's to their own people are threatening to not buy from us anymore.

By the way, if Stinky does get away with "boycotting" the travel industry-they will be putting legal citizens out of work.

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