Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wanted In California: Governor With Gonads

Evidently, it ain't Steve Poizner.

He's not a dickhead after all, he is a pussy.

Yesterday, he announced, on radio, that he will NOT be the banker of the 3 million bucks needed for the part time legislature campaign,
no, he instead, after talking to his family (his wife and mom), business associates and friends, needs to concentrate all his 50 million dollars into the race for governor-
one he is "sure to win, states Puss Poizner, because he has a proven past, and loves California-it's just people don't know who he is yet"

Steve Poizner (sounds like poison), we sure as hell know who you are now, bonehead.

At a recent meet and greet in Laguna Woods, with pussy boy, here are a few of his wise comments including his platform:

“We need to freeze government”

no hiring
stop spending more
stop borrowing (followed by a comment that we have $15 billion in new debt that has yet to be issued)

ME: (Duh)

His 10-10-10 plan is as follows:

1. Ten percent tax cuts (including 50% cut in Capital Gains)
Steve said that “raising taxes has been a disaster. ”
We have “got to make the tax cuts permanent”
If we “reduce tax rates we will be more competitive”

ME: (I'm all for tax cuts, but whatcha planning to cut-homeboy?)

2. Cut spending by 10 percent.
A large part of our budget is devoted to “welfare programs.”
Steve points out that OC has “12 percent of the state population with 30% of the welfare cases.” He suggests cutting the benefits from five years to two years and that we enforce the work rules. We should not be a magnet.
Steve feels he can save $10 billion dollars with this approach

ME: (Again-okay, but hasn't that already been brought up by Arnold who says he can't do this because he won't get fed money back? what do you plan to do different to get fed money)

3. Create a rainy day fund.
Have an iron clad spending cap in our Constitution.
“We are bankrupt as a state” and have “the lowest credit rating in America”

ME: (how? and WTF does "having an iron clad spending cap in our Constitution-bankrupt with low credit rating" have anything to do with having a rainy day fund?)

Steve acknowledged that “a lot of Bills are nonsense” –adding that we should “focus on issues that really matter.”

ME: (so we get to, once again rely on the great buddha wisdom of a politican, to decide what is and isn't nonsense and what issues are important and which ones aren't)

He recognized that “no one can parachute into California and solve the problem.”
“we need leaders who will tell the truth, leaders to offer solutions.”

ME: (Leaders that tell the truth? within this full time group of baboons?- LOL!!)

What a bunch of politician bull speak, I don't believe any of it, you say it now, just like Arnold did,(and alot of other political hackensteins), but once in office will do something else .
Im of the belief that action speaks louder than words-and you aren't willing to act.

He had the nerve to say on air yesterday that
"if part time legislature doesn't get on the ballot this time, we'll try again next time-and where are all the listeners with money?" jackass

Hey Steve, in the words of the Soup Nazi, as far as I'm concerned- "NO SOUP FOR YOU"

Give a small donation towards the part time legislature, if 3 million people give a buck then, then they will have the money to collect signatures.

click here to donate to part time legislature

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