Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tire Nazi's

The good people at the California Air Resources Board (I've never heard of this board) want to criminalize driving with under-inflated tires-all for the good of helping to decrease carbon footprints.

Here's how it will work
you pull into your favorite service garage for something-maybe you need an oil change, and then find out, the service garage has to (by law) ask to check your tire pressure.

If they offer to do this check free of charge, you cannot turn it down, you have to have it done(by law). Thats right you will be forced to have a service done.(can you say, Big Brother?)

If the garage requests you pay them for this service, you can turn it down only if you promise to have it done within 30 days-if you still haven't done this and it can be proven in writing, you and your service garage owner can be fined $1,000 and imprisoned for 6 months.

This tire thing is set to go in effect this summer.

I believe this board-like most of the Sacramento lawmakers, is on crack.

California is talking about releasing 25,000 criminials into the streets because they can't afford to keep them imprisoned, yet they will throw me and my mechanic in the clink and risk our salads getting tossed, all because my tires were not inflated to their satisfaction.

How are they planning to track if I had my tires checked in 30 days? send a
board member to my door with a tire pressure gauge?

1-I don't believe in their fake global warming fantasy that they keep pushing-but if I did, how the HELL is keeping tires filled, going to help the earth keep cool and remove all contaminates in the air?

2-When the "board" decides to pay for my car, the registration, the insurance, the gas, the maintenence, etc. then they can have some say about the tires.

3-Whose to say tire gauges that are used will be calibrated and accurate?

4-Oh please, put me in jail because there is not enough air in my tires-please? My first call from the police station will be to KFI am.

*UPDATE-as of this afternoon
This board is reneging demanding written documentation (Call me Kreskin, but their offices must have been bombarded with hate mail-I sent one yesterday) - all you have to do now, is say, my tires are fine, if asked.

Here's a message from Arnold's office:
It’s a still a draft rule – agencies are engaged in discussions and we’re helping them work it out. We’d like to see the rule get to a place where Californians are conscious of tire pressure and the impact it has on air quality – but without anything that would stick unsuspecting consumers with a bill-
Amanda Fulkerson in the gov's office.

If you want to read more about this tire pressure thing.
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