Sunday, January 10, 2010

Example Of The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

Let me explain the last month or so, in case you don't know.

That nasty little healthcare thing/reform, (whatever it is), that you've been hearing about-
(you know, that thing Obama has been wanting to pass in a big rush, that won't help any of us, but will enable him to say "look what I did" at his next speech this year)

seems there is a sneaky little technicality in this bill that will allow them to cram a public option (that no one wants) down our throats.
"Why, of course, government run, Medicaid, there's our public option! I could have had a V8"
the White House pounced on that with the addition of "expanding medicaid".

This bill had been stalled because the house needed 60 votes and couldn't get that one last vote. Without 60 votes, the republicans could have "filibustered" (delayed)passing this.

Well, Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) did a little horse trading with the house/president Obama, and it was agreed that if he voted for this healthcare /expanded medicaid thing, so they could get their 60 votes which would enable them to pass the bill for healthcare "reform",
the state of Nebraska (buck your teeth out like a horse), wouldn't have to pay any additional monies for expanding medicaid, all the other 49 states would have to pay, but not Nebraska.

What a giant dickhead. I mean really, sperm comes out of the top of his head.
(and that goes for the person or persons who went along with that bright idea).

Lawmakers everywhere are PISSED and are making it publicly known too. (Their ranting reminds me of a bunch of apes fighting over the last banana).

So, Arnold decides he's going to put in his two cents in a t.v. interview.

"In an interview airing Sunday on NBC's Meet the Press, Schwarzenegger says giving extra Medicaid benefits to Nebraska to secure Nelson's vote, critical to Senate passage of the measure, was "like buying a vote." In Sacramento, he says, "it is illegal to do that, to buy votes."


Look who's talking, hyporcrite, lying, dirty politician who has violated every rule in California since taking office in 2003 and imposed the highest taxes in HISTORY to the people in California.

He needs to sit down and shut his face until his term is up in November-I'm pretty sure by now, no California taxpayer gives a rats ass what that buffoon, Arnold Swarzenegger thinks or says about anything. (There may be one or two out there who care)

"Gray Davis has terminated hope. He has terminated opportunity. He has terminated education and he has terminated jobs. Now it's time to terminate him." Arnold Schwarzenegger-10/7/2003

Oh yeah, make sure you sign the petition for the return of part time legislature in California, download a petition (see posts below).

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