Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let The Games Begin-A Tax On 420 in Bill 390?

Can't you feel the love?

Democrats (douchebags), by their committee vote, signaled a willingness to press for targeted tax increases, even though 2010 is an election year and odds are slim of winning the necessary two-thirds legislative super-majority to pass such measures.

"It's up to Republicans if they want to move this state forward," (WTF? republicans, can you feel the pressure? The ball's in your court-agreeing to tax everyone and their dogs this year, evidently, will help the state move forward), said Assemblyman Alberto Torrico, D-Newark, who is renewing his push for the oil severance tax after it hit a roadblock last year-

The oil severance tax would generate an estimated $1.3 billion annually for community colleges, state universities and University of California campuses by imposing a 12.5 percent tax on the gross value of oil and natural gas extracted from California.

Oh, there is an added bill, AB 656, which contains a provision prohibiting this new tax from being passed to consumers.
(So then, its ok to hike taxes to oil companies as long as we have this AB 656? Ya think we'll still have oil production in California after the companies see that they can't pass the cost on to us?).

#1-Sacramento is filled with fucking dickheads.

#2-I dont believe them-some Sachole will find a technicality in this AB 656 in 6 months, jump out of a cake at a taping of Meet the Press and yell, PSYCHE you middle class bitches!!

#3-Sacramento is filled with fucking douchebags.

Heres a revenue-raising measure thought- Assembly Bill 390 to regulate and tax the sale of recreational marijuana, is scheduled to be heard today by the Assembly Public Safety Committee.


If you haven't done so already, sign the petition for California to return to a part time legislature-see below for the info and the petition. Stop Goverment spending.

This is what we need in order to actually "save the state" not more taxes.

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